Let’s face it, we are getting old. We are entering a new stage of life where we have long-term relationships and have to actually work at it. Let me tell you something, love is not what I thought it would be. As a kid, I dreamed of love being an epic Cinderella story where I would be swept off my feet by a white guy with perfect hair in a knight uniform and shining armor. Those Disney movies, by the way, end when the fairytale ends. Think about it: the fairytale ends and then the work has to start. After the newlyweds drive away in their white carriage the credits of the movie begin to roll. Well damn, even a Disney movie cannot tell us how to keep the spark alive? No, why? Because it is work and it does not just magically happen just like how you cannot make “fetch” happen. [caption id="attachment_351" align="alignnone" width="245"]

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via reddit.com[/caption]Maintaining the spark alive is important in long-term relationships. For some people it is easier than others. For those who have it easy, you suck and I hate you. Those people are rare. If they say they are constantly in love they are lying to you. Relationships are work. Disagree? Well, don’t you think it is work to be honest and tell your significant other to chew with their mouths closed? Or wash the dishes? Or whatever it may be that drives your insane? Keeping that spark helps your love blossom and have a healthier relationship (and keeps you sane).Let ‘s think of a few things that we see as sexy and can keep a spark alive. Please share your ideas of keeping up the spark in your relationships in the comments section at the end!

  1. Honesty is sexy. Staying honest with your partner can improve the relationship and also brings the two of you closer together.
  2. Give. Give. Give. Just like your partner does nice things for you, do the same for them. Giving is better than receiving. When you give a gift or cook a meal or give your partner a hug that helps you feel rewarded as well. It is a win-win situation.
  3. Do something different. Maybe you want to try out those cheesy bedroom moves in Cosmo where only a contortionist can manage it. At least you will both laugh about it later.
  4. Laugh together. A couple that laughs together, stays together.
  5. Know about the masculine and feminine balance. It is important in your relationship to know when you are being masculine and when you are being feminine. In family therapy, they talk a lot about the balance and harmony in the home. The clashing and fighting begins when two individuals are masculine or feminine at the same time. No matter what kind of relationship you are in. i.e.: heterosexual, homosexual, monogamous, swinger, etc. the important part of finding balance is understanding the shifts of masculinity (sun) and femininity (moon). One of you must nurture (moon) the other (sun) at times and vice versa.
  6. Cook together. This can be a very sexy act if you make it to be. Cooking together is fun, economic, and even better when you add some wine!
  7. Surprise your significant other. Surprises are always fun. Even little things like flowers are beautiful surprises.
  8. Say, “I love you.” These are three little words you would be shocked to see how many people don’t say it. Tell your partner how much you care and love him/her. It’s always nice to hear some words that make you feel fuzzy inside.
  9. Dance. Go out dancing or even slow dance in your living rooms. This is the sweetest thing and can be your own private show for one another.
  10. Travel. Experience new places together. Make a bucket list of places you both want to explore and take a trip together! It doesn’t have to be big; you can even make it a road trip. Experiencing new things together will build memories for a lifetime.
  11. Be adventurous. They say that many couples that go on adventures together stay together because of the adrenaline bond. This is very true! So go to your closest theme park or go rent some jet skis and take that adventure with your hunny!
  12. Get Physical. Many couples are not as physical with each other after many years of being together. Stay physical whether it is a hug, kiss, sex, a massage, etc. Keep in touch, literally.