Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful weekend full of love, laughter, and amazing memories!Yes, it is a “happy” Thanksgiving because we are healthy and alive. However, sometimes the holidays can make us feel a bit empty because the ones we once loved are not with us anymore. During these times we feel nostalgic and sometimes depressed on wanting those who have passed on to be here for Thanksgiving.Instead of having your ideal Thanksgiving with everyone you’ve always wanted there, life hands us the awkward situation of sitting next to a weirdo on (blended) Thanksgiving instead.I want my mom to be here not just today, but everyday. These holidays are just a reminder how she is now here anymore physically. Now…how am I supposed to deal with that forever? Well, I have to tell myself that I had my wonderful times with her and if my energy is blocked she cannot come near me. I have to be open. and happy. and grateful.With gratitude, the universe brings you what you need not what you want. The funny thing is is that we don’t know what we need until we get it.How can I have fulfillment if I am always sad? How can I think of my happy memories with my mom when I cry? I can't. So, I make myself sit in gratitude and understand that I have to deal with the cards I have been given. I can either cry all night (which I have) or bake a pie from scratch and feel her around me while I do it.I think of the memories and the happy things we did together and that gets me through the day.So if you are having a hard time being around others this time of year, don't worry… you are not alone. ... you are never alone. Even when you physically are alone, your angel is always with you.